Arianna Occhipiniti

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Producing her first wines – with her uncle, Giusto Occhipinti of COS – at the age of 16 and the first wines under her own label at the age of 22, Arianna Occhipinti remains at the forefront of the Sicilian revolution. Committed to the land, to its health and biodiversity, to indigenous varietals like Frappato and Albanello, and above all to the quality of her wines and the distinct terroir they express, Occhipinti is one of a kind. From her small farm in Vittoria, located in the southeast corner of Sicily, she exerts an out-sized influence on everyone else on the island and on wine lovers around the world. There is huge global demand for her wines, with importers, critics, and consumers falling over each other for a share of Occhipinti’s tiny production.

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