Why Natural Wine?

A natural wine, at its most basic level, is grown organically, harvested by hand, and then made with minimal intervention in the cellar. Natural wines deserve to be featured because they convey a sense of place and provide an alternative to the increasingly common international style. Focusing on natural wine provides a way for the Natural Wine Company to stand apart from the average wine distributor and their typical selection and nicely fits the market demand for healthy lifestyles so prevalent in Colorado. Secondly, the NWC provides a selection of wines that can benefit a restaurantor retailer who faces shrinking margins, both because of their rarity and because of their quality. We think, and many winemakers agree, natural wines are superior. Grape vines farmed naturally produce wines that retain more of their natural acidity and are lower in alcohol. They produce more concentrated wine because the vines have lower natural yields. Finally, the market and consumers are becoming more sophisticated and looking for higher quality and more natural products.

A conventionally farmed vineyard on the left, and an organic vineyard on the right, in Languedoc, France.