Vittorio Bera

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This was the first estate to bottle and market its own wine in the Canelli region. The estate lies in Sant’Antonio di Canelli within the region of Serra Masio, the most prestigious and ancient of the area’s Moscato production. The grapes are entirely Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains and are cultivated on steep, southeast slopes of calcerous marl soil of ancient oceanic origins. All of the estate is cultivated in organic viticulture with an emphasis on creating an active, healthy ecosystem. All grapes are harvested by hand and their juice is fermented without yeast inoculations. All the winemaking is done by Alessandra’s brother, Gianluigi Bera They also grow Dolcetto and Barbera grapes—planted more recently, but cultivated using the same careful techniques as for the Moscato. With the reds there is no fining or filtration. And some precocious white grapes: Cortese, Favorita and Arneis which they blend to make a fantastic white wine called Arcese.

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