Sass Winery

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Sass Winery is tucked into the folds of the Willamette Valley’s South Salem Hills. The vineyards flourish on land once devoted only to grasses and Christmas tree farms, but each year, the vines produce tight clusters of grapes that gradually ripen during the long, dry summer. The hazy, warm days and cool nights of autumn help the fruit develop intense, complex layers of flavor and aroma that produce wonderfully rich, elegant and forward wines. Winemaker Jerry Sass founded the winery in 1996, believing in natural, non-invasive winemaking and oday they make about 4,500 cases of wine that celebrate every small part of each vineyard’s rich ecosystem. Natural winemaking, sustainable farming, and supremely high-quality wines: Sass exemplifies everything we look for in a producer. Natural Wine Company is proud to have represented Jerry Sass’s wines in the Colorado market since 2010.

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