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Stanko Radikon was a maverick in a land of mavericks. The town of Oslavia, on a relatively tiny stretch of hills north of the border town of Gorizia in the Isonzo zone of Friuli, is home to a number of talented and individualistic wine makers. The vineyards were originally planted by Stanko’s grandfather Franz Mikulus with the local favorite, the Ribolla Gialla grape. In 1948, Stanko’s parents, who had inherited the property from his mother’s father, planted Merlot, (Tocai) Friulano and Pinot Grigio. After Stanko’s untimely passing in 2016, his son Saša maintains the family’s land. All of the wines wines receive very extensive skin contact (up to 6 months for certain portions of the whites), which gives each of them tremendous depth, complexity, character, and a texture that is at once rich and ethereal. The long maceration also gives the ‘white’ wines a distinctive orange-amber hue.

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