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Vito Francesco and his sister Mila Perrini converted their family’s vineyards to organic viticulture in 1993, long before many in the area had even considered it. They built an underground cellar, definitely not the norm or tradition in this region. This was a huge expense, but a necessary outlay to make truly subtle wines, as opposed to the often too-heavy-handed fermentations of the native red grapes. Then, for the first time in their family’s long tradition in the region, they began bottling their own wines. The vines are 20-25 years of age and are spread over a number of zones in the hills and shoreline around Castellaneta. The grapes are picked by hand and immediately brought to the cellar in small baskets. The wines are vinified in stainless steel and then aged in stainless and glass-lined tanks. Certified organic.

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