Paul Barre

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Though not as well known outside of France, Paul Barre is an iconic figure in Bordeaux. Regarded as the godfather of biodynamics in the region, Barre had fully converted his small domaine in Fronsac to biodynamic viticulture by 1990, after having experimented with the preparations and processes for more than a decade. In the 1990s, while the rest of Bordeaux was ravenously expanding vineyard acreage and increasing yields, Barre actually reduced his domaine from 15 to 7 hectares, an area that he feels is both amenable to the environment and well-suited to the care and attention required for making great wine. Today, La Grave, and its tiny sister estate La Fleur Cailleau in Canon Fronsac, are mainly managed by Paul’s son Gabriel and Gabriel’s wife Edith. The biodynamic viticulture continues, along with the horse-plowed rows, small production, and hand-crafted quality.