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When Elisabetta took the reins at Foradori following the death of her father, Teroldego was a little-known varietal languishing in the terraced vineyards of the Dolomites. Even amongst hard-core Italian wine geeks, it was nothing more than a curiosity.

Through years of tireless work in the winery, in her own vineyards and in her neighbor’s vineyards, Elisabetta has almost single-handedly elevated Teroldego to new heights of quality and character (not to mention ratings). And she’s done it all without compromising her principles: The wines are the ardent expression of the distinctive connection shared by her vines and the Dolomiti terroir. They reflect the traditions of the region while still sporting polish and purity. And though they score big ratings with a range of wine writers and critics, the wines are traditional, suave, and decidedly not manipulated for critical appeal. The only thing they need to satisfy is Elisabetta’s own integrity.

Contributing even more distinction to the line up of wines, Foradori began fermenting and aging wine from certain vineyard parcels in glass-lined, terracotta amphorae. The process instills in the wines all the benefits of oak aging, without any oak influence. It’s yet another step toward bringing out the best in Teroldego. Elisabetta has mostly retired to her property in Tuscay now, with sons Emilio and Theo running things (Emilio mainly on the viticultural/winemaking side and Theo handling business), but she is always a regular presence at the estate.”

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