Blue Quail

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Guinness McFadden has been growing organic wine in the Potter Valley since 1970, thirteen years before the Potter Valley AVA was designated. Back then, organic farming had a different name: farming. Since that time, McFadden Farm has grown to include not just organic vineyards, but also organic herbs, garlic, rice, and organic, grass-fed beef. Despite expanding to cover nearly every component of the dinner table, the farm has also shrunk its carbon footprint by becoming a net exporter of electricity: through solar panels at the winery and converting an old dam to hydroelectric generation, McFadden Farm now produces surplus electricity that is returned to the local power grid. Being environmentally conscious and proactive is one thing. Growing high quality wines at great prices is quite another. And that’s where Blue Quail comes in. These wines are proof that you don’t have to compromise: yes, you can run a truly green, sustainable, whole-agriculture operation; yes, you can make wines that people genuinely want to drink, regardless of the vineyard’s provenance and practices; and yes, you can do it all at an everyday, affordable price.

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