Los Osuna has been making 100% Blue Agave liquor in Mazatlán in Sinaloa since 1876. Mexico’s laws do not allow any spirit from Sinaloa to be called Tequila, so all of Los Osuna’s spirits are labeled simply as “Distilled from 100% Blue Agave”. The distillery’s standards, however, are far higher than those set by law and those followed by the vast majority of Tequila producers, not least that most Tequilas are ‘mixtos’ made from as little as 51% Blue Agave. Alfonso and Sergio Pelayo Osuna make their spirits exclusively from 100% blue agave from the Los Osuna estate, using only piñas (no heads or tails), roasting the agave in traditional, 80 year-old underground brick ovens, and fermenting the juice in open-top barrels. The first distillation takes place in modern copper pot stills; the second in traditional wooden stills.



Los Osuna Blanco NV
Los Osuna Reposado NV
Los Osuna Añejo NV


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