The Biancara Estate was created thanks to the desire of Angiolino Maule and his wife Rosamaria to invest in their life-long passion, viticulture. Upon meeting Angiolino, you would swear he was born to it, that he breathes it. A man of true conviction in viticulture and viniculture, Angiolino actually started his working life as a pizzaiolo, or pizza maker. But the earth and the vines were calling him all the while. Through his hard work and sterling reputation, Angiolino was able to save enough money to start his winery. In the early 80’s, they purchased the land in the hills of Sorio di Gambellara and built the house and cellar to begin making magic in a glass. In the vineyard and the winery, Nature is the queen and their personal idea of wine is expressed in the bottles we have produced each year since 1988. The first label produced since 1988 is the Sassaia, a white wine that best expresses the quality of their variety Garganega, which has been grown there for more than 1300 years. Over the years, the search for quality and ecological integrity have marked the Maule’s work and thought. Today Angiolino is helped by his sons Francesco and Alessandro in the vineyards, the winery and with the sales efforts. Together they have built a new winery and purchased additional vineyards, but the spirit of searching for quality and ecological integrity and to improve the authenticity of their wine, remains the same as always. The total area planted today is 9 hectares of owned vineyards and 3 additional hectares of rented vineyards, located in Sossano (on the Berici Hills), where the Grenache grape expresses itself very well. The vineyards are situated at an altitude of between 90 and 260 meters above sea level. La Biancara also cultivates around a hundred old olive trees and fruit trees such as cherries, figs, apricots and peaches from which we produce natural jams with only the addition of sugar.


La Biancara Veneto Bianco Masieri

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