From Mendoza, Argentina, Gauchezco seeks to embody the free spirit of the gaucho in all of its wines. Coming from some of the oldest, most historic vineyards in the region, the wines exemplify terroir, climate, and value. Origins: “The long desired dream of the Anesi family came true when they finally purchased their ideal vineyard in the legendary site that is now the Gauchezco Vineyard. With fierce dedication, they continue to make this glorious historic property synonymous with world class wine. Eric Anesi, moved to Mendoza, Argentina at age 27 in order to learn about the wine business from the ground up – literally. He started by taking ground and water samples from potential vineyard sites; picked grapes alongside other workers, who thought he was crazy for putting in such hard labor for “fun”; committed himself to speaking fluent Spanish; and, for the past several years has devoured any and all information and practical experience on growing the best grapes and making the best wine in Argentina.”


Gauchezco Estate Torrontés
Gauchezco Estate Malbec
Gauchezco Reserva Malbec
Gauchezco Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon
Gauchezco Oro Malbec
Gauchezco Plata Malbec

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