The DeForville family emigrated to Piedmont from Belgium in 1848 and established themselves in the village of Barbaresco in 1860. Here, the family was immediately engaged in growing the Nebbiolo grape under the direction of Gioachino De Forville. In 1940 the estate bottled its first wine and now virtually their entire production is bottled at the estate with annual output averaging 100,000 bottles. Today, the fifth generation of the Anfosso-De Forville family continues the traditions established over the past 150 years.

The nearly 11 hectare domaine is divided between holdings in the villages of Barbaresco and Castagnole Lanze, a commune that is about four kilometers east of Barbaresco in the direction of Asti. The family production is supplemented by purchases of grapes from growers with whom the Anfosso family has long ties, usually over multiple generations. Within Barbaresco, Nebbiolo is planted in the cru vineyards of Rabaja, Loreto and Pozzo. Dolcetto is also planted in the Loreto site and Barbera is cultivated within the cru of “Ca’Grossa”. The production from the vineyards in Castagnole Lanze is from the site known as “Ca del Buc”. These wines are particularly age worthy and, after receiving sufficient bottle age, develop the complex aromas of fruit, earth and flowers that can only result from wines that are vinified in this traditional manner. The Anfosso family also bottles its young vines Barbaresco as Langhe Nebbiolo and produces a Nebbiolo d’Alba from vineyards in the neighboring commune of San Rocco d’Elvio.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

De Forville Chardonnay ‘Ca’ del Buc’

De Forville Dolcetto d’Alba

De Forville Barbera d’Alba

De Forville Langhe Nebbiolo

De Forville Barbaresco

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