Augusto Cappellano is the fifth generation of his family to farm vineyards in Serralunga d’Alba. The four hectares of vineyards there are supplemented by a small parcel in the neighboring village of Novello from which Cappellano produces his Nebiolo d’Alba. The vineyards in Serralunga are situated in the Gabutti cru which is on the western slopes of Serralunga at approximately 300 meters altitude. The land is farmed according to organic principles and the production of the wine is accomplished following the credo of “Vini Veri”: indigenous yeasts are relied upon, the use of sulfur is strictly limited, vinification is traditional (long fermentation, extended aging in large, old botte) and the wine is not filtered prior to bottling. The Barolo Chinato is produced by following the family recipe handed down generation to generation. The “medicinal” herbs and spices are ground using a stone mortar and pestle. Both the recipe and the process are family secrets.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

Cappellano Barolo ‘Pie Rupestris’

Cappellano Barolo ‘Pie Franco’

Cappellano Barolo Chinato

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