Château du Petit Thouars, Chinon

Twelve generations of the Petit Thouars Family have lived here, dating back to 1636, dating back to the time of Cardinal Richelieu. Located in the southwest corner of Chinon, along the banks of the Vienne, the vineyards are planted to clay-limestone terroir rather than the sand-gravel that predominates in most of the appellation. So the wines of Sébastien and D’Arcy du Petit Thouars more resemble those of Saumur, just to the west, rather than the rest of Chinon to the east. The estate is currently under conversion to fully organic viticulture.

Core Wines…

Château du Petit Thouars Chinon Blanc “Les Clos”

Château du Petit Thouars Chinon Rouge “Les Georges”

Château du Petit Thouars Chinon Rouge “L’Epée”

Château du Petit Thouars Touraine Rouge “L’Amiral”