Chais Saint Laurent, Touraine

Chais Saint Laurent is a “Petit Négociant” specializing in wines from the Loire Valley and focused on producing small quantities from select vineyards. Estate manager Jean Mounard has significantly raised the bar in terms of the quality of the wines, while maintaining a truly remarkable price/quality ratio. Also, by tapping his connections at some better quality cellars in the region, he has created wines that display a real sense of their underlying appellations and are made with a balance and delineation usually found in much more expensive wines. While there are certainly many Loire wines at this quality level, we don’t think you’ll find them anywhere near these prices.

Core Wines…

Chais Saint Laurent Touraine Sauvignon “Les Jarriers”

Chais Saint Laurent Chardonnay “Petit le Mont”

Chais Saint Laurent Sancerre Blanc “Les Varennes du Clos”

Chais Saint Laurent Sancerre Rouge “Les Varennes du Clos”

Chais Saint Laurent Bourgueil “La Chopinière”