La Torre alle Tolfe is only 3 km away from Siena. In 1953 it was gifted from Luigi Castelli to his beloved wife Lunella Morfini. Today Marco Castelli with his son and daughter Giotto and Mania dedicate themselves to the conservation of Torre alle Tolfe’s territory and to its products: wine and olive oil.The Castelli are now planting new vines, almost all Sangiovese, most important for the production of Chianti. But they are also planting Canaiolo, Colorino and Ciliegiolo. Sergio Lo Jacono, the estate agronomist, takes care of the plants and of the wine making process trying his best to deliver a product as natural as possible. A real expression of the interaction between the terroir and the climate.


Torre alla Tolfe Chianti Colli Senesi

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