The name “Principiano” appears on the municipality of Serralunga di Alba land register dating back to 1700. Traditionally, the family has always taken care of their plots of land cultivating a mixed agriculture: it was only in 1993 that Ferdinando persuaded his father to convert all family’s holdings into vineyards, focusing on wine production as main activity. It was the era of Barolo’s Renaissance and although Ferdinando started by producing small quantities, the cellar space became too little very quickly.

As Ferdinando explains, leaving conventional viticulture has been a matter of taste rather than the embracing of some particular philosophy: “I could’t find the terroir in my wines anymore: I have been living here since I was born, I spent my youth roaming along our vineyards, experiencing flavors, fragrances, plants, and features of this land that I learned to memorize as an essential part of this land. At a certain point I noticed my wines didn’t express this specific identity, so I tried to intervene less in the vineyard as in the cellar and positive results came evident step by step”. From 2003 Ferdinando started working organically, and by 2006, all of Principiano’s vineyards are cultivated in respect of nature or – as Ferdinando would say – in respect of territory.


Principiano Barolo di Serralunga

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