Château Pradeaux

Château Pradeaux is the unique, inimitable, standard-bearer for the ancient wine-growing district of Bandol. The estate has been in the hands of the Portalis family since before the French Revolution. In fact, Jean-Marie-Etienne Portalis, who inherited the estate in 1752, helped draft the Napoleonic Code and assisted at the negotiation of the Concordat under Napoleon […]

Commanderie de Peyrassol

Located in the heart of Provence, near routes traveled by Crusaders in the early Middle Ages, the Commanderie de Peyrassol was founded by the Knights Templar who were dedicated to protecting the Crusaders en route to, and in, the Holy Land. The first recorded harvest took place in 1256 and winemaking has continued uninterrupted throughout […]

Jolie Folle

Jolie Folle is a sommelier-driven wine from Brian Smith of Loca Linda fame, made in close collaboration with friends, farmers and winemakers. The focus is on non-interventionist winemaking, preserving the natural health of select vineyards, and making great wines bottled in earth friendly large format bottles. Wines: Jolie Folle Rosé Pays de Méditerranée Jolie Folle […]