Domaine Didier Dagueneau, Pouilly-sur-Loire

Few winemakers have been as influential, controversial, and compelling as Didier Dagueneau. A legend in his own time– and elevated to near demi-god status since his untimely death in 2008 –Dagueneau continues to profoundly inspire wine lovers and winemakers alike. Now steered by Didier’s eldest son, Louis-Benjamin, the domaine continues the tradition of passion for […]

Lucien Crochet, Sancerre

It was Lucien’s marriage to the daughter of Lucien Picard, and the subsequent fusion of the domaines of Lucien Picard and André Crochet (father of Lucien), that created the Domaine Lucien Crochet. Monsieur Picard was one of the very first growers in the Sancerre district to begin bottling his wines and selling them primarily to […]

Domaine du Closel, Savennières

Château des Vaults in Savennières dates back to 1495, and was inherited by Michèle de Jessey in 1962 from her childless aunt Madame du Closel. Michèle and Jacques de Jessey turned the small family estate into Domaine du Closel. The entire vineyard is located on the most western hill of Savennières and includes some of […]

François Cazin, Cheverny

François Cazin tends vines of considerable age and the resulting yields are well below average in any given year. His Cheverny is fresh and floral, with appley texture and crisp acidity. The flavors are sleek and precise. Since 1997, the wine has been bottled unfiltered by gravity. His wines have consistently been the top pick […]

Bernard Baudry, Chinon

Bernard Baudry is one of the newer stars of the Chinon scene. A graduate of the Lycée de Beaune, Baudry created his 25-hectare estate out of family parcels and purchased land. He quickly rose to prominence in the appellation for precise, textured Chinon. Baudry is now retired and his son Matthieu, who has been making […]