Eric Bordelet, Normandy

In 1992,Eric Bordelet, previously sommelier at Arpege Alain Passard's Restaurant in Paris took over the production of this family property in Normandy. Believing that cider and Poiré should be produced like wine, he grows more than 20 varieties of apple and 15 varieties of pear. Connoisseurs admire his entirely artisan and apothecary style of working. […]

Shacksbury Cider, Vermont

David Dolginow and Colin Davis founded Shacksbury Cider in Shoreham, Vermont, with the goal of hunting down ancient, heirloom apple trees planted and spread by colonial settlers in New England. These trees are rare and low-yielding, but they still contribute to the fine, dry, English-style ciders produced at Shacksbury. "Far from ordinary, apples are the […]