The Cantina Iuli is located in a small little town called Montaldo which is in the somewhat undiscovered region of Monferrato in Piedmont. The population of Montaldo is 110 people on a good day… To name only a few of the many varieties, Monferrato is home to Moscato, Fresia, Grignolino, Dolcetto and of course Barbera. Fabrizio calls himself a barberista, for his love, focus, and dedication to the Barbera grape. In addition to the mixed and poor soil type in the vineyards (which helps the strength and vigor of his vines), there is more importantly a vein of limestone that runs directly through his property – which gives an amazing acidity and special character to his wines. Fabrizio interferes as little as possible with the natural process of fermentation and ageing. Iuli uses natural yeasts, and does not fine or filter the wines. With a median of 3 years of ageing (some of the labels less, some more), he believes the wine prepares itself in its OWN time to go into the bottle and his only job is to communicate (taste) with it along the way to find out where in it’s life line it is. Fabrizio says about his wines, “While each is different and has a unique personality – they all share the common characteristic of being ‘loyal and honest'”. Fabrizio is certified organic in the vineyards, and the land surrounding the town has always been cultivated without chemicals for as long as his father can remember. He is technically organic as well in the cellars – although has decided not to go through the paperwork and extensive “red-tape” bureaucracy to be certified in the cellar. “I know how I make my wines, and want them to be as natural as possible – reflecting the territory and nature of the Grape, and do not need this piece of paper to prove that.”


Iuli Barbera ‘Umberta’

Iuli Barbera ‘Rossore’

Iuli Barbera ‘Barabba’

Iuli Pinot Nero ‘Nino’

Iuli Nebbiolo ‘Malidea’

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