Mauro Vergano on his aromatic wines: “All of my products are based on the tradition of aromatized wines which started in Piedmont at the end of the 1700s and which has been carried on by larger and smaller producers ever since. They have ancient origins, but are not simply repetitions or copies of old products from more than 100 years ago; rather they are a re-elaboration that is born of the use of different wines (like Grignolino in the Americano) and mixtures of herbs that are no longer what they were in the past (nowadays nearly all herbs are cultivated and no longer grow wild).” Mauro Vergano on natural wine: “In my opinion, natural wine is actually a wine that is as “simple” as possible. Simple because natural wine expresses itself more freely, more finely. It is more alive, it has a stronger bond to the area it comes from and of which it is the expression. Simple because drinking natural wines is a more moving experience: they are full of flavors and fragrances, more easily digested and never “heavy”. [But also} “not simple,” because in order to choose a natural wine, you have to go beyond a mere tasting; you have to get into how the Missing Individual producer actually works. I must say that it has been easy for me to work side- by-side with them because I have been fortunate to meet, get to know and appreciate the wine-makers first and the wines second. Once you have taken that step there is no turning back.


Chinati Vergano Chinato Americano

Chinati Vergano Vermouth Bianco

Chinati Vergano Nebbiolo Chinato

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