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Les Matheny

Born and bred in the Jura, Elise and Emeric Foléat began Les Matheny in 2007, and their holdings today encompass three and a half hectares of vines spread among Arbois, Montigny-les-Arsures, and Poligny. In the rustic old farmhouse they converted into a winery, thoughtful experimentation rooted in local tradition is their operative philosophy. Giving concession neither to easy marketability nor to the notion of a “product line,” the Foléats take each harvest as it comes, vinifying and aging certain parcels separately if the notion strikes them, keeping a cask or two under voile for an extra-long time if the underlying material proves worthy, and topping up their barrels occasionally, partially, and based purely on taste and instinct. While both enologist and marketer alike may consider Les Matheny a baffling operation, those who value character in wine will find a deep well of authenticity and beauty here.


These wines are very limited. Please inquire.

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Domaine Pêcheur

Domaine Pecheur began producing wine in 1976 from a single hectare of vineyards. Located in Darbonnay, in the Cotes du Jura appellation. The domaine now extends over eight hectares with vineyards primarily situated on the hillside slopes of the villages of Darbonnay and Passenans with an extension into the fabled town of Voiteur for the production of Chateau Chalon.

The vineyards are planted to the classic Jura mix of grape types: Chardonnay, Savagnin, Ploussard, Trousseau and Pinot Noir. The average age of the vineyards varies from between 35 to 50 years. The grapes destined to produce the Crémant and the still white wines, aside from the Vin Jaune and the Chateau Chalon, are planted to rocky, pebbly soil rich in dolomite. The red grape varieties are planted on soil of “marne rouges” (red marlstone). The Savagnin harvested for purposes of production of Vin Jaune and Chateau-Chalon is planted to the classic and required “marne bleu”.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

Pêcheur Cremant du Jura Blanc NV

Pêcheur Côtes du Jura Poulsard

Pêcheur Côtes du Jura “Cuvée des Trois Cépages”

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Jacques Puffeney

Jacques Puffeney’s father was a vineyard worker who owned a mere speck of land in the village of Montigny Les Arsures (just around the corner from Arbois). Jacques made his first wine at the age of 17 but, to earn a living, he worked simultaneously as a “saleur de Comté” helping to make the fabled cheese of his region. Over time the Puffeney family acquired vineyards in Montigny and the surrounding villages and now the domaine encompasses 7.5 hectares, all in the appellation of Arbois. Jacques Puffeney’s prowess in both the vineyards and the cave has been recognized throughout France and has earned him the nickname among his colleagues of “the Pope of Arbois”. The vineyards are situated in the villages of Montigny Les Arsures, Arbois, and Villette des Arbois. Four and one-half hectares are planted to white varieties: 2.7 hectares to the extraordinary local grape, Savagnin; and 1.8 hectares to Chardonnay. The remaining 3 hectares are devoted to a series of red grapes: 1.2 hectares planted to Poulsard (also known locally as “Ploussard”); 1.2 hectares dedicated to Trousseau; and Pinot Noir is found in the final .60 hectares. Montigny Les Arsures is recognized as the prime site for the Trousseau grape in the Jura and the village proudly proclaims its status as “the capital of Trousseau”. The harvest, which normally begins in late September, is done manually. It commences most often with the Chardonnay, then the Poulsard, followed by Pinot Noir and Trousseau; finally, the Savagnin is picked at the close of the season which sometimes can extend into November. The reds are fermented in cuve and are then racked into foudres (not new) where the malolactic fermentation takes place. The reds are aged at least two years and sometimes longer (up to 30 months in some cases) in barrel, the length of time depending upon the structure of the vintage. The white wines are treated in the most traditional fashion of the Jura, left to age in barrel (foudres and barriques) for extended periods without topping up so as to encourage the development of the oxidative characteristics that define the best of the classic Jura wines. Jacques Puffeney does not fine or filter any of his wines.

Note: Jacques Puffeney retired following the 2014 vintage. His wines are still undergoing elevage and will be made available as they are bottled and released.

These wines are very limited. Please inquire

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This domaine, situated in the center of the village of Pupillin, in the heart of the Arbois appellation, is three generations old. Mikael Crinquand tends the viticultural side of this multi-faceted family operation. The Overnoy-Crinquand families have always managed their holdings within Pupillin in a poly-cultural, organic fashion, tending seventy cows to produce milk for the famous Comté cheese of the region, harvesting grains and cereals and producing wine from the 5.5 hectares dedicated to vineyards. The vineyards, situated entirely within Pupillin, are on severe slopes within the area known as “La Bidode”. All farming is organic and that has been the case since the establishment of the domaine many decades ago. The vineyards are planted to a mix of the classic varieties of the Jura: two hectares of Ploussard, one hectare of Trousseau, one hectare of Savagnin and one and one-half hectares of Chardonnay. All harvesting is done by hand. The vinification and elevage of the wines is traditional, giving the wines the pronounced and unique expression of the terroir of the Jura. Currently, 90% of the production is sold to private clients and only a very small amount is imported to the United States.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

Overnoy-Crinquand Crémant de Jura

Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Chardonnay “La Bidode”

Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Ploussard

Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Trousseau

Overnoy-Crinquand Arbois-Pupillin Savignin

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Domaine de Montbourgeau

Nicole Deriaux’s Domaine de Montbourgeau makes up nine hectares of Chardonnay, Savagnin, Trousseau and Poulsard vines in the tiny appellation of l’Etoile (which has a total of 52 hectares of vineyards). The viticulture at Montbourgeau is organic and the vinification is strictly in line with the ancient, traditional practices of the region. Nicole Deriaux’s natural approach to every step of the process captures the true essence of the appellation in each of the separate bottlings done at the domaine.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

Domaine de Montbourgeau l’Etoile

Domaine de Montbourgeau L’Etoile “Cuvée Spéciale”

Domaine de Montbourgeau L’Etoile “En Banode”

Domaine de Montbourgeau L’Etoile Savagnin

Domaine de Montbourgeau Crémant de Jura

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Michel Gahier

The Gahier family has been in the Jura since 1525. The family domaine is 6.5 hectares with the vineyards concentrated in the village of Montigny-les-Arsures, the place most ecognized as the home of Trousseau. Michel Gahier has learned from the best, particularly the great Jacques Puffeney. He and Gahier are neighbors and friends, both living in Montigny-les-Arsures, a viticultural district that is acknowledged to produce some of the finest wines of the Arbois appellation. His observations and ongoing dialogue with Puffeney have instilled skills and sensibility that produce undeniably outstanding wines that clearly express the very particular terroir of this corner of the Jura. Gahier harvests and vinifies his wines parcel by parcel. Each wine ultimately is derived exclusively from a single vineyard site. His whites are produced “sous voile”, although the “Les Crets” cuvée is less dominated by that process than the “La Fauquette” or the “Les Follasses” bottlings which spend considerably more time aging in barrel. The Savagnin and the Vin Jaune are both classic versions, a testament to the old traditions of the Jura where the whites are left in barrel without topping up. The reds are as mineral-driven as one could expect from the Jura, with a freshness and length that are compelling. The viticulture is organic, although not certified.

Core Wines (others available, please inquire):

Gahier Arbois Blanc Chardonnay “Les Follasses”

Gahier Arbois Vin Jaune

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