Elisabetta Foradori founded Ampeleia in 2002 with her friends Giovanni Podini and Thomas Widmann. That year, Elisabetta called on Marco Tait, who was fresh out of viticulture school at the time, to manage the harvest. In the years since, Marco has taken over full management and winemaking at the estate, heading up a young crew that’s devoted to the estate’s respect for the environment, expression of terroir in the wines, and the unique natural setting of the Upper Maremma.

The estate encompasses 35 hectares of vineyards, with each site varying in altitude, terroir, and microclimate. The land is farmed organically and biodynamically, and the winemaking is natural and non-interventionist. The focus is mainly on Cabernet Franc and Alicante Nero (the Tuscan name for Grenache), with smaller plantings of Carignan, Sangiovese, Mourvèdre, Trebbiano, Inzolia, and others.


Ampeleia “Unlitro”
Ampeleia Bianco Costa Toscana
Ampeleia Rosato Costa Toscana
Ampeleia “Kepos” Costa Toscana
Ampeleia Alicante Costa Toscana
Ampeleia “Ampeleia” Costa Toscana
Ampeleia Cabernet Franc

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